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One does not simply create a great meme without a great idea. Go ahead and select your desired meme template and add your text!

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This is a simple free meme generator.

Planned improvements and known bugs:
1) Add more meme images.
2) Add preview images of memes rather than names.
3) Add option of third row of text (in middle of image)
4) Add ability to change color of text.
5) Add ability to change size of text.
6) On a mobile device you must click the download button. It would be more user friendly to be able to hold a finger on it and save it to the device.
7) Bug: text goes over the edge of image if too long.
8) Bug: dotted lines showing where text will display disappears if meme image is changed.
9) Limitation: no possibility of external images being used because a proxy server would be needed and that would cost money.