A Free Image Of A Cute Dog Sitting On Pile Of Money

Dog sits on pile of money

A cute little dog sits on a big pile of money looking like a boss.

This free image could be used for memes! This is definitely how a billionaire’s pet pooch would sit. Or blog posts about the cost of keeping a dog as a pet.

It was created for fun using AI so there are slightly weird artefacts (including dodgy legs and feet!). We also asked an AI to create a description for it and here’s what we got:

“The stock image depicts a small, cute dog sitting on a pile of money. The dog has a playful expression on its face and its ears are perked up. The money in the pile is mostly made up of bills, and the dog seems to be comfortably nestled among them. The overall tone of the image is light-hearted and whimsical. It is likely to evoke feelings of cuteness, joy, and perhaps even a sense of humor.”

CC0 Public Domain License