Best Websites To Download Free Stock Icon Sets From

When creating a new web design the icons used can be very important to the overall look. And although we only use our eyes when surfing the web, somehow websites also have a “feel” to them and that’s affected by the colours and part of that is the icons.

Fortunately there are some websites that create beautiful looking sets, and don’t ask for any money for them. Or if they do for a specific license it’s only low-cost. The skill that goes into some of these creations is fantastic, so we should be grateful that they are prepared to give them away.

What are the best websites to find free icon sets?

Below you will see some of the best places, where you will find some stunning creations. In all different styles to suit whatever your projects needs are.


Highly professional sets. Very popular ones are downloaded by high amounts of people. Regularly upload news ones as well. Must put a link back to them if you aren’t prepared to pay money for a license. But there are also commercial and extended licenses available.


Great selection with nearly 2000 sets at the time of writing, which together total tens of thousands of individual icons. Site also includes a good availability based around the latest web 2.0 properties ideal for use in sidebar web design.


Access to over 6million icons so you should be able to find exactly what you need here! The style of icons varies heavily and there’s always new icons being uploaded by talented designers.

If you need social media icons take a look at ours which look good and encourage visitors to visit your accounts and engage with your social profiles.

Questions and Answers

User questions and expert answers to help you should you be confused about anything.

Do I need to credit each of the owners?
Various developers have different licenses under which to distribute their work. These licenses will sometimes require crediting the original owner. Other times, however, the items are by and large free. Whether or not you need to credit them depends on individual circumstances. You should be sure to read the individual documentation that is associated with the particular icons in question.

Can I alter the free icons I download?
This depends on what the particular license says. There’s a possibility that you can alter the icons if you have the correct software to do. Different photographers have different opinions on what should happen if someone alters a piece of work. You might be required to give credit to the original creator. Naturally, there are other creators who do not permit any alterations to their work at all.

Can I distribute other people’s icons myself?
Under most circumstances, you aren’t allowed to distribute other people’s work. However, sometimes it’s allowed. Check the individual library details for permission before doing anything like distribution.