This is a ‘call-to-action icon set’. Below you will find information about the set, plus download links further down the page.

There is lots of choice when it comes to social media icons. But the majority are simply the logo or a variation on it. Very few actually encourage the user to do something by including a clear call-to-action.

As a result I decided to create this icon set that does this, you are more then welcome to use them.

Purpose and Benefits
The purpose of this set is to increase the percentage of visitors who will click thru to your social media profiles. Rather then just have your profiles displayed with small icons that don’t encourage people to take action, these do.

The intended benefit of this is a higher CTR to your social media profiles. The net result hopefully then being a higher level of engagement. However this depends on the quality of your profiles as to what actions people take when they see them. Another intended benefit is to look more authoritative in your niche, social signals and a social buzz provide a level of trust so by actively promoting your social accounts you are showing your authority.

The set has been intentionally designed to be very simple and clear to read, they are not fancy or complicated. Their simplicity makes them ideal for a wide variety of web designs and effective at catching a users eye.


As of February 2016 the license is now CC0.

Download all files: Here.

Individual Files

If you don’t need the whole pack you can grab individual buttons here. They are all 181×38 and in PNG format. To use these please right-click on them and ‘save image as’ and choose your folder on your computers hard-drive.

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We hope you like them, any requests for others are welcome.

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