Benefits Of Learning Basic HTML and CSS

The truth is you don’t need to know coding be to run a successful online business. There are plenty of people who are properly trained and have the ability to create the website you want and need to be successful. As well as lots of great website builders and content management systems such as WordPress.

But learning HTML and CSS can still be useful, but why?

programming codeBecause spending a bit of time on it will pay off over the duration of your business. Learning the basics has several big advantages. For example a few lines of CSS and you can instantly change the text across your site; color, size, font; whatever you want you can change it. And these little changes can make your site look better than it did before.

In WordPress, your theme will have an Additional CSS area. Learn some CSS and watch as you can instantly make improvements to your web design! Best of all it won’t have cost a penny and you can really have fun with it.

Making these sorts of changes can also help with monetization because it can allow you to alter how your ads are displayed.

Learning HTML and CSS basics can also have SEO benefits. With nicely coded CSS and HTML you can reduce the amount of coding you have within your design, this can speed the website up. The faster your website is the happier the search engines will be, and so will your visitors!

There are many websites online which have info on CSS and HTML so you can learn the basics within literally a few hours. The MDN Web Docs has some good stuff. Learning these little nuggets of information will save you money in programmers and also have the benefits listed above – a very good use of your time.