I have been self-employed now for 6 years, at the time of writing, it will be longer by the time you read this. And it has amazed me over the time how many different ways of generating cash I have seen. Some very simple, others requiring a huge amount of work and risk. What it has taught me is that actually there are many options and opportunities out there. A big part of it is just doing what is already done, but doing it a lot better then the competition.

The usual stuff you see on this topic is a generic article where they will list a few things. And they will always include; blogging, take surveys, sell your photos, offer yourself for science tests and be a writer. You know the sorts of articles I mean, you see them all the time and they are just repeated content which normally don’t bring anything new to the table.

What are the best ways to make money online for a living

After what I have just said above you are now thinking I am going to offer incredible amazing recommendations. Sorry big guy not that easy, but hopefully a few of the mentions here will get your brain ticking. I want to arm you with the right way of thinking to go forward yourself.

For a start there is no one answer to “what is the best way” because we are all different. We all have different strengths, different needs, targets, circumstances and resources. If you have the latest fancy Apple Mac then you will have more options then someone with a 5 year old 1GB laptop. However, don’t let that hold you back. And good internet connection and computer and your good to start cracking on.

You need skills, but not as many as you may think

Have you ever noticed how some of the most successful people are not always that well educated. For example in the UK you have Sir Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and many other entrepreneurs. Who didn’t complete a high level of education. What is more critical is that you are willing to give something a go, and persist like crazy. A relentless pursuit of the goal is required.

I don’t have a good level of education. But it hasn’t stopped me doing what I want to. Whether you are highly educated, or left school really early doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about it. This is a world of entrepreneurship where qualifications are irrelevant.

The power of outsourcing

This is where the skills come in. You don’t have many skills? That is fine. Because the power of outsourcing is big, really big. Out there on the big wide web you will generally be able to find someone to do what you want or need. For example, with this website of ours I sit here writing this now. But I didn’t do the web design, I don’t do most of the promotion and even lots of the content is not from me (such as comments which are left by visitors). And yet all the components of a successful website are here because of outsourcing.

The point I am trying to make is just because you can’t do one thing, don’t let that put you off. You should be able to find someone who can do it for you. This graphic better explains the multitude of benefits.

Benefits of outsourcing

A chart showing the multiple benefits of outsourcing.

Thinking of ideas with brainstorming and life

Get a piece of A4 paper, have a little cloud in the middle, and off that write a load of ideas. Really brainstorm hard and think about situations in life and what could be improved in your life. Can you come up with something to do that? Chances are a problem for one person, is a problem for thousands more around the world.

Many of the best ideas are the simplest, don’t worry if you think what you have came up with is to simple and obvious, sometimes that is perfect. And in terms of an idea being too complex do the envelope test. Are you able to explain it clearly on the back of an envelope. If it takes you more then a couple of sentences then chances are it will not work, people won’t get there head around it.

Suffering from a type of writers block?

If you are struggling and really saying to yourself “I have no idea whatsoever” then perhaps it is best to go away and do a few things and clear your head. Sometimes the harder you think the worse it gets. Thoughts can pop in your head at any time so always have your smartphone ready to jot down the necessary notes about what is rushing through your brain.

Creative brain

Struggling with creative ideas?

You can also scour different sources such as the top listings on flippa.com. Have a look at what is successful and see if you can come up with ideas like those. Perhaps a way to do what those major websites already do, but even better.

My sorts of ideas

Ok it’s time to make you think a little bit more, based on how I think. Not only do I make money online running my internet business, but I also have other income streams. In the mornings I am a stock market trader. I go long and short on the FTSE 100. Why am I telling you this? That is not a new idea. Well, the reason I am telling you it is because there is a huge amount of indicators and ways of trading the markets. You will very rarely find 2 different traders who go about their business in the same way. What I am trying to get across is that within this financial world I operate there is loads of ways to be creative and come up with different ways of working, strategies, indicators (some people code their own) and overall methods. I am able to be very inventive and try new things whenever I want.

Over the years I have also started up many websites as part of my online business. A debt information service, and business blogging service, a health articles site and all sorts. Many have failed, but when they work they really pay off. This is where persistence comes in. As I mentioned earlier in this post, a relentless pursuit of the goal is required in order to reach it. And I am a good example.

You should see a trend in the previous two paragraphs. My ideas and things I do are nothing new. Your damn right. Look at Steve Jobs and what he did for Apple. Many people don’t realise tablets already existed before the iPad. And with iPods, personal music players already existed for a long time. He was an innovator. He didn’t necessarily come up with ground breaking new ideas every week, he took existing ideas and made them massively better.

Steve Jobs was very inventive and look how it paid off, Apple is now a huge company. The message is you don’t have to try and come up with unbelievable new stuff. Look at what is around you, and already exists. Get inventive and make it better. And it may open doors to a nice living for yourself and your family.

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