Dreamstime LogoHere is a look at the royalty free stock image provider Dreamstime, they are very well established and one of the biggest in the industry up against some very song competitors. But how good are they really?

Here is a breakdown of different aspects of the service including cost, service and coupons/promotional codes to answer the question.

This is a review of the main Dreamstime.com website as accessed on a desktop. The mobile version is different.

Region Specific: No, available to people around the world.

How To Use The Site: First you have to create a free account which doesn’t take long at all, then you need to choose a credit package or subscription plan. Then simply navigate around the site by searching for what you want, choose a download option and there you go, the picture is instantly yours to use.

Cost: You can choose either a monthly subscription plan where you are allowed to download a certain amount of images per month, or you can just pay for a set amount of credits in one package, the cost starts from $6.99 for the smallest package all the way up to $3,739.99 for the largest monthly subscription!

Payments: They accept paypal and credit card.

Coupons: As far as I’m aware they very rarely (if ever) offer out a Dreamstime coupon or promotional code giving money off images.

Opinion: The quality of the images is brilliant, they have quite a strict acceptance policy which means pictures must be of a good standard. The value for money is brilliant, with packages starting from only a few dollars. Getting around the site and using it’s features is also very simple and the speed of the website is good considering the amount of files on it! All-in-all a very good service.

Rating: 9/10

Tips: The more credits you buy the cheaper it works out per image, so if you are a regular user you are better to buy in bulk. Also; the website has such a huge catalog of pictures make sure you do lots of searches as there is nearly always the perfect image for what you want.

Prices and details correct at time of publishing, check website for latest prices.

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