How This Photography Website Is Made

This isn’t one of those long “how to build to your own blog” articles that rambles on for ages. But some people like to know how a photography website is made to help their own endeavours. So here you go.

For website hosting we host at

The domain name is registered at Namecheap.

The content management system we use to power the website is

For monetization we use annoying Google Adsense display ads (sorry) and affiliate links.

The rather lovely WordPress theme is called Gridframe and is designed by AlxMedia.

We designed the logo ourselves using Inkscape.

The homepage feature photo is by Tim Mossholder.

We use Imgur for most of our file hosting.

For logistical management (wow they’re two fun words!) of the business we use Asana.

And that’s pretty much the key stuff! If you’re building your own website and are wondering how anything else on our website is built please get in touch.