I want to go close to the edge with this article. It is not normally the sort of thing you would see discussed on a website like this, or other webmaster related blogs. But I think it is important. Because for some people it is a real opportunity to not only improve work rate but also their whole life.

Some of you may be uncomfortable with this topic, that is fine, it is somewhat taboo, and not normally discussed like this. But stay with it and open your mind up, it can help you improve your productivity levels.

If you are not a “self pleasurer” then you can ignore all of this. However, I believe very few people, especially men, never have a bit of “me time”. In fact some people do it several times a day. Because I reckon more visitors here will be guys then girls reading this, I will refer to it from now on as “fapping”. As that is a much nicer word then some of the others, like the one that begins with W!

Video explaining the results of giving up self pleasure

First off, why bother? And the answer to that is because the benefits are plenty. Please watch this video by Dave Asprey. It is a terrible recording as the muppet behind the camera obviously didn’t know what they were doing. But it is important you watch it through. Because this was a big part of how I learnt about the topic and fully appreciated the potential of it. And you will understand from watching it to. Watch it now:

It is a great video because not only does he talk about his results but he also has little charts to help understand it even more.

The full benefits of no fapping

You will have more energy. Be more creative. Communicate better with other people. Improved relationships with both friends and partners. Improve self discipline and will power. Have slightly more time. And biggest of all; increased happiness. The happiness one is something that crops up a lot on this topic. If you search the web you will come across a variety of forums and blogs of people doing this. And one of the most common things is simply happiness. If that isn’t the ultimate benefit then I don’t know what is. Because we all want to be happy in life!

I’ve posted it here because I am thinking of it more from a business benefit. For internet entrepreneurs and webmasters. Can you make more money online by embracing this? I think so. Because higher creativity will mean better content, more time will mean more working hours, more energy will mean an improved work rate during those hours, and better at communicating with people will open up more opportunities. Put it all together and it can give your online business a real boost.

Let’s go deeper in to it

That title perhaps sounded a bit rude. But you know what I mean. You must have now read enough to be thinking this is something I can have a crack at (no pun intended). The wonderful thing about this is that their is zero cost, and nobody needs to know. So how do you do it? Well it’s very straight forward, I would recommend you start right now this second. That means no more. Don’t even think about “Oh I’ll just have one more and start tomorrow”. By putting it off you are procrastinating.

Let’s start. Choose a target, perhaps as little as 7 days to begin with. You can’t look at any pretty lady material in that time or anything. Remember you aren’t giving up forever. Just limiting yourself to only maybe once or twice a month eventually. But in the beginning start smaller, 7 days is a good one. If you currently do it daily, then 7 days may not seem like a lot but it will be tough!

Girl that will speed up pulses

This will sure make your heart beat increase!

From here it’s up to you. Some people keep a diary. Each day noting emotions experienced and what in general they are going through. This can be a great way to be honest with yourself and help open yourself up. And of course it will track benefits.

Downsides of doing this

This won’t all be rosy. There may be huge benefits but of course you will have to pay some price. One is mood swings. Many people report when they are starting out they go through phases of real highs, but then feeling quite low.

And if you choose to do something similar to Dave Asprey it may upset your girlfriend or boyfriend as well. And plus, try explaining to them there is going to be no bed jogging for 30 days! Consider your other halves needs too.

Everybody is different, and what you experience will depend on how often you currently do it and your age. But just be aware of side effects. Some men have reported they become more irritable. And at nights you may struggle to fall asleep.

To conclude on the challenge

It certainly is a challenge, so take it on. The benefits massively outweigh the negative aspects. The idea of a more energetic, idea filled, happy you, with better relationships and strong discipline should massively appeal to you. It is also a great challenge to test your will power.

All in all it will help your business life, and personal life. And for no financial cost. Give it a go and see what happens.