A good font can massively help towards getting across the message you wish to send to your readers or visitors. They can also help make a brand name memorable. There isnt necessarily the need for a big funky extravagant logo if you have your company name written in a special style. A very good example is the Jaguar car company, they don’t even need the leaper, just their name written in the iconic style makes people instantly recognise them.

Lots of wonderfully talented individuals have come up with literally thousands of different fonts so these websites should contain the sort of thing you are after. It may take a bit of digging, never settle with second best on something like this to ensure your work reaches its full potential.

Here are some of the best places to find cool fonts to use


Choose style, scroll to ones you like and click on the relevant format. Super easy site to use. Has a large database meaning you should find what you are after. Also has a Facebook group if you want to get involved as a regular user.


Pick the style you like the look of and click on the button to save it to your PC. Each design has a nice little grid of each letter of the alphabet and numbers 1 to 9 so you can see exactly how it all looks. Incredibly easy website to use and lots of files available for instant download.


Much like the previous listings above you simply choose a category, click the style you like and download using button on right. Nice site to use similar to others listed here. Different styles can be quite in depth and often have all sorts of extras and not just standard letters and numbers, but also things like currencies, hashtags, trademark and brackets.

Get Free Fonts

Navigate to the one you like the look of and click ‘Download Font’. You can also read details about the creator including their own virtual home. Some very good designs here but unfortunately a rubbish navigation system can make it tricky to use. The only way to get about is alphabetically, not using search or type.


Very similar to competitor sites as listed above. Simple design and easy to use. Possible to also enter a custom preview text and choose a color as well so you can see what your logo or title or however you plan to use it will look. A nice litte tool.

Wide variety

Whether you are after funky graffiti looks, something for a wedding, or those that are like posh handwriting you should be able to find it. So have a good dig around at the various resources. It will be worth it. The array of choice is huge so don’t be downhearted if it takes a while to locate what you are after.

Want to save space on your hard-drive?

If you want to you could save the fonts you download to a file hosting service. It is low cost and good value for money. This can avoid using valuable space on your PC or Apple Mac.