Something that you hear a lot from people who don’t try, or give up easily is “Oh I don’t really have the time”. The truth is if you are really driven then you will make time. There are 24 hours in a day. If success means going without sleep then that is what has to be done.

Here I will put some suggestions for you. The aim is to free up time. So it includes personal and business actions you can take.

How can you create time to be able to do more work?

Batch processing. Do jobs in batches. For example instead of doing a bit of clothes washing each couple of days. Do it once per week all in one go. And when you are working, check your emails first thing in the morning and reply to them all. And then perhaps check again in the evening. But don’t have your emails open all day constantly going back and forth from them. You can also do batch processing in things like approving blog comments, financial accounting, web design and content writing.

Sleep less. As you heard me mention in the opening paragraph, sometimes you have to go without sleep, when there are deadlines to meet, jobs to be done and money on the line. You can’t be getting in to bed at 9pm to cosy up and watch a film. To gain yourself consistently more time is to reduce how long you sleep per night by 1 hour. One key thing to say here is; don’t make yourself ill. You can go extended periods with minimal sleep, but at some point you will need a holiday or a break to ensure you don’t get ill.

Dog happily sleeping

It would be great to sleep like a dog all day. What a cute little dude!

Get better equipment. If you have a laptop or PC that is faster then your existing one you will be able to get jobs done a lot quicker. Faster loading internet pages and faster loading documents will improve how long it takes you to get things done. Add this up over several days and you see each week you may save yourself as much as a couple of hours. I learnt this lesson a few years ago when I bought a new laptop. Only then did I realise how much time and thus progress I had lost by squeezing the life out of my previous old laptop.

Give up luxuries. Take a look at how you spend your social time. Perhaps there is something you can give up. Many people watch TV, some will sit there for hours on their couch watching television for hours. If you like to do something like this perhaps you can cut it down, or sack it off altogether. Remember though that recharging your batteries is important, and taking a back step and a breather from time to time is vital. So perhaps give something up momentarily whilst you need to get a job done.

Consider individual circumstances

This list could go on, in fact I did have a load more ideas to put here. But it will end up going on forever. The best way to proceed is for you to start keeping a diary on what you do each time, and how much time you spend on different tasks. Individual circumstances will dictate exactly the amount of time you can free up.

Don’t underestimate the power of doing this. If you can take action to free up 1 hour per day in your current routine then think about that over 1 year. That would total 365 extra hours you can be working. Even if you exclude holidays and weekends it may still total around 260 hours. Imagine how much you can get done in that time, it certainly will allow you to increase your success and all at very little or no financial cost.